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Welcome to the third issue!

                                                 Since launching the community online
                                                 magazine in May 2015 we’ve had really
                                                 positive feedback, with each issue
                                                 receiving thousands of views. To receive
                                                 updates and the occasional photo share
                                                 please see the online magazine’s
                                                 Facebook page Hub of the South. There
                                                 is also a photography group to join for
                                                 likeminded folk, A Hub Life -
                                                 Photography. We also send out
                                                 subscription reminders to those who
                                                 prefer to keep in touch that way. Please
                                                 see the website for the email address.

 The South of England has a face and her name is Nicole Hinson, you can
 read about Nicole and the beauty pageant she has entered on Page 12.
 Graham Cornall writes about ‘Fill in Flash Techniques’ in Tech Talk and
 Loving Nature is once again filled with beautiful words and imagery.
 Warren Baker also returns with more inspirational photographs and
 insights regarding seasonal happenings in Kent.

 The photography competition continues. It is always a difficult decision
 for the judges to decide which photos will be published as the standard
 from novices and the serious amateur is very high. The half way stage
 has now been reached. Please send in your entry/entries for the 4th
 issue marked up accordingly with the relevant month (see page 19 for
 the details). A reader may send in two images per issue even if a
 previous issue winner.

 Please contact me if you would like to submit an article or photographs
 on any subject that you think our readers will find of interest.

 Finally, our front cover photograph is from Hannah Parish and it is
 captioned: Day’s End at Eling Tide Mill, Hampshire.

 As always, enjoy the hub.

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